In this video, we are going to talk about 9 mistakes that most content writers make when they are starting out.

Mistake number 1

Write First and Research Last

If you are given a topic to write about, take some time and do complete research about the topic. Read existing articles from Google, watch some videos, and read some books if you have the time. Did you know that an average person reads only four books a year?

If you do proper research, you already know more information about that topic than 75 percent of the people.

Mistake number 2, Not performing Keyword research

Keyword research is a process to get to know the popular search terms that people type into search engines like Google.Then you place these keywords strategically into your content so that your article appears higher on the search engine results page.

Why should you do it?

Because if you are starting a blog or writing for other agencies, you will have to provide contents that will benefit them.

It doesn’t matter how good the product is if no one uses it.

Mistake number 3, Not Creating a Content Outline.

What I’m I writing? Have you ever had this thought after writing for 30-45 minutes? I know I have.

It’s like swimming in an ocean; if you don’t have a proper content outline, you will never know where you are going.

An excellent content outline always makes your task much easier. It will make your work more efficient since you know where you will have to go and how to make a perfect transition from one section to another.

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Mistake number 4, Write only about a Keyword.

Gone are the days, where you could rank in Google after writing an article about a single keyword. If you want to rank in Google and provide more valuable information to your audience, you will have to focus on topic relevance.

Google rewards you with a higher ranking when you provide valuable content to their users.

So to rank in search engines like Google and provide more value to your users, you will have to focus on topic relevance.

Mistake number 5.

Write Straight Forward Titles

Creating engaging titles for your article is an art, and as a content writer, it’s your job to master it. When I started, I would write the topic name as the title of my article.

You will have to invoke an emotion to create a fantastic title for your article. Let’s take an example.

The topic of this article is “Content Writing Tips for Beginners.”

If I wrote the same, you wouldn’t have to click it when it appeared on the search results page.

So instead, I wrote, Content writing tips for beginners: 20 Mistakes to Avoid”. By adding the phrase Mistakes to Avoid, I invoked an emotion in your mind.

So, always create an article that evokes emotion in your audience’s mind.

Mistake Number 6, Jump Straight into the Topic

Never, ever jump straight into the topic. The average attention span of a human is 8 seconds, according to Microsoft.

So, it would be best if you first tried to make a connection with your audience.

Russell Brunson brilliantly teaches us the Hook, Story, Offer in his book, the Dot Com Secrets. He says a hook can be anything that can attract your audience’s attention.

It can be your title, image that you use, or any goofy thing you do to get your audience’s attention. The story is your introduction part.

Here you will have to connect with your audience by telling a story. It can be real or imaginary.

Share a story that your audience has experienced in your life. This will help you to hook their attention to your article.

Mistake number 7. Write Long Paragraph Like Textbooks

There are different types of content writing. Web content writing is different from offline content writing, like writing a book.

When you are writing content for the internet, make sure that all your paragraphs are short. A paragraph should only contain at most two sentences.

Each sentence should convey a single message. This will make your article more understanding as well as soothing for your eyes.

Mistake number 8.
Write Like a Scholar
Web content writing is not a place to show your vocabulary skills; keep it simple!

Write articles so that a student in 8th grade could understand what you just wrote. Flesch reading ease score will help you know how easy it is for your audience to understand your article.

Mistake number 12.
Not Telling What to Do Next

You should always tell your audience what to do next at the end of your article. Provide a link to your next article or a free downloadable.

If you don’t have both, tell them to share their experience in the comment section below.

If you are writing a review article, tell them to buy the product now. Make sure that you clearly specify a C T A at the end of your article.

Every content writer makes mistakes when they are starting. Most of them learn the hard way, but why should you?

Learn from the mistakes that others have made so that you can progress much faster. In this video, we have mentioned all the mistakes most content writers made when they started out.

Use these tips and start writing awesome content! If you have any doubts, do mention them in the comment section below.

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